The most beautiful beaches of the island are:

Ai Giannis: It is found approximately 6 kilometers away from Myrina, on the foothill of the traditional village of Kaspaka. It offers a selection of beaches, some with pebbles and some with sand. Two of them are organized beaches, while visitors may find quiet taverns and bars where they can enjoy a meal or a drink.

Avlonas:A gorgeous sandy beach approximately 3 kilometres away from Myrina. One of the three largest hotels of the island is found on one side of the beach and brings the golf to life offering water-sport activities, without this to affect the swimmers that wish to dive in the sea and the endless blue having the insets of Avlonas, the areas trademark, in the background.

Richa Nera: TThe most popular beach of Myrina, in the heart of the city, it is a fully organised beach. The beach Rich Nera (‘Shallow Waters’ in English) took its name due to the fact that the water is shallow. In Richa Nera there are bars and cafes that open early in the morning and remain open till late at night.

Romeikos Gialos: A beautiful beach at the foothill of the Venetian Castle of Myrina that combines peace social life. It is not an organised beach and visitors may enjoy their swim in the water during the day. At night, it becomes the main pole of attraction of the city, as it is the heart of night-life of the city, offering many bars, cafeterias, taverns, pizza restaurants and playgrounds.

Plati: In a distance of 3 kilometres from Myrina, the most popular, busy and fully equipped beach is found with many businesses in the area. 

Thanos: The beach of Thanos, an equally well organised beach with many bars, cafeterias and water-sport activities attracts many of the island’s visitors and local swimmers.

Evgatis: The beach of Evgatis can be both cosmopolitan as well as a beach of solitude. Due to its size, visitors may find organised beach bars and taverns as well as large areas where they can enjoy the clean sea water alone. The beach has been approved by the Greek National Tourism Organisation and offers disabled access to the sea (Seatrac).

Gomati: Gomati is a large gorgeous sandy beach with crystal clear water. The beach is ideal for sailing and wind surfing when weather permits. Visitors may find a tavern on one of its sides and a beach bar on the other. The beach is close to Amothines, the small desert of Lemnos.

Chavouli: A gorgeous small beach in the southern part of the island. The water is calm as no wind blows from the north. A beach bar operates in the beach.

Keros: Keros is a large in size beach, ideal for water-sports such as wind and kite surfing και kite, since usually the wind blows from the north. Many water-sports lovers arrive here from all over the world during the summer months and local businesses offering water-sport equipment for rent operate in the area.

Mikro and Megalo Fanaraki: Two very popular beaches, approx. 4 km from Moudro. Mikro Fanaraki is just 50m. in length and offers beach-volley facilities and sunbeds, while Megalo Fanaraki is just 200m in length and offers a beach bar.