Archaeological sites of unique importance:

Poliochni: Poliochni is considered to be the oldest city in Europe and the first bouleuterion (council house) in the world. 

Hephaestia: A remarkable archaeological area with many important findings such as the palace, the residences, weapons and artefacts that paint a picture of the life during that period. The theatre of Hephaestia is the most important monument that has been excavated till today

Kaveirio: The site is found close to the village of Panagia, where during the ancient times, the initiation of those believing in Kaveiria that took place in the sanctuary of Kaveirio. The archaeological museum of Myrina, the folklore museum of Portianos and the museum of Nautical Tradition and Sponge Diving.

Other sites of the island that attract the interest of visitors are: the cave of Philokritis, the Petrified Forest, the church of Panagia Kakaviotisa and the Castle of Myrina and others.